Strep A and Scarlet Fever
There are currently high rates of Group A strep and scarlet fever in the UK. Scarlet fever, which is caused by the bacteria Group A streptococcus, is usually a mild illness but it is highly infectious.
The rash of scarlet fever often begins with small spots on the body that then spread to the neck, arms, and legs over the next 1-2 days. It is often 'sand-paper' like to touch but is not itchy.
Your child may also have a:
Sore throat/tonsillitis
Fever (temperature of 38 degrees c (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit) or above)
Painful, swollen glands in the neck
A red tongue (strawberry tongue)
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Cancer Services Partnership

CSP offers a platform to signpost individuals quickly and accurately to the most appropriate source of help, providing information, guidance and support via our website, and signposting to local and national cancer organisations. CSP is run by volunteers who all have experience of cancer. We are independent of but works in Co-Production with Hampshire Hospitals (HHFT) to enhance and make a difference to the lives of cancer patients, their families and caregivers in North and Mid Hampshire. CSP enables patients, their families and caregivers’ views and experiences to be heard, reflected upon and used to enhance cancer care.

We focus on the health and wellbeing of all, throughout the whole cancer journey from diagnosis, through treatment, and more importantly beyond, whether living a full life after cancer, living with the side-effects of cancer treatment, or increasingly, living a full life, with cancer, with palliative care support, for many years.

We have built an invaluable network which connects local cancer support and self-help groups, local complementary therapists, national and local cancer charities and many more cancer-related organisations.


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